The holiday season means many different things to each of us. It can be a time of faith, family traditions, parties, gatherings, and culinary delights. All the hustle and bustle involved in getting everything done. It’s also a  good time to think about how we might approach the holidays differently for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Here are some tips to help loved ones with Alzheimer’s find joy in the holiday season this year.

• Keep to their daily routine as much as possible

• Consider modifying some of the family traditions

• Involve the loved one in the holiday preparations

• Simplify the decorating

• Play favorite music

• Keep outings brief

• Provide a quiet place

Make sure you and your loved ones get downtime to rest and recharge. Dealing with Alzheimer’s during the holidays can be trying for everyone.  It’s important not to commit to more than you can handle. After all, the holidays should bring joy to everyone involved.