Diabetes and Nerve Damage

Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage that can occur in people with diabetes. Different types of nerve damage cause different symptoms. Symptoms can range from pain and numbness in your feet to problems with the functions [...]

2023-01-17T09:24:18-05:00January 13, 2023|Diabetes|

Flu and Diabetes

School is back in session in most places, and the cold and flu season is almost here. We all need to be aware, but people with diabetes need to be extra vigilant. Those with diabetes, [...]

2023-01-17T14:38:31-05:00September 9, 2022|Diabetes|

Diabetic Superfoods

What makes a food “super”?  Superfoods is a term used to described nutrient-packed foods that may have more health benefits than other foods. When it comes to diabetes, eating the right foods can help keep [...]

2023-01-17T16:56:27-05:00July 9, 2021|Diabetes|
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