Loss of muscle mass is part of aging, but we can slow and even reverse it. Age-related muscle loss, also called sarcopenia, is a natural part of the aging process. Less muscle means there is more weakness and less mobility. Both of these factors can increase the risk of falls and fractures. Losing muscle mass does not mean it is gone forever. It is never too late to build muscle and maintain it, but it does take some work, dedication, and a plan.

Weight training and resistance are recommended as ways to rebuild muscle. In addition to building muscle mass, this will also help increase bone mass, another key to remaining mobile as you age. Some choices are:

  • Water aerobics
  • Light dumbbells
  • Stretch band exercises

What people eat is also as important in regaining muscle mass. The body needs protein to build new muscle, so eating foods such as fish, chicken, turkey, and vegetables will add to the efforts. An active 70-year-old can feel “younger” in regard to muscle strength, body composition, and balance. Elderly people can talk to a physical therapist about the exercise plan that would be the most beneficial.

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