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Wound Care

You don’t have to worry anymore about who can care for your wounds so it’ll heal faster, because Trust Home Care, Inc. is now offering Wound Care Package in its list of services. You will be taken care of by a registered nurse specialist right at your very own home.

Wound care has become a highly popular service sought after by many clients, it is for this reason that Trust Home Care, Inc. has crafted new service package in order to serve our clients in need of such specialized care.

Our registered nurse specialists have long-standing experience in caring for patients suffering from all types of wounds in both the hospital and community settings, employing the latest evidence-based practice to enrich the care delivered to you. This means that the nurse caring for your wounds are those with updated know-how on the nursing care and management of wound, its healing process, and the use of appropriate devices to aid in wound healing. In order that you get a better glimpse about our wound care package, please give us a call at 240-432-8461.

How You Can Benefit From Our Wound Care Service:

The nurse specialists here in Trust Home Care, Inc. will assist you in wound care through:

  • Continuous collaboration with your physician in different treatment options and management of your wound. Provides necessary support on the use of different devices to facilitate wound healing and to pre-empt any possible complications.
  • Makes use of wide array of evidence-based practice protocol in the care for all kinds of wounds.
  • Ongoing health teaching with respect to monitoring wound complications and its self-care management.
  • Supplemental counseling with respect to proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, and rest, and all other activities to aid in wound healing.