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Ostomy Care

Ostomy surgeries are done in order that those people with digestive or urinary problems will have an opening from inside of their body and out so that it can serve to easily release waste materials. These surgical openings are most often called as stoma, and different stomas are created depending on what part of the body it is actually created; these stomas are often permanent. On the other hand, ostomy is also done after surgeries such as removal of organs, to assist in drainage of the fluids so as to facilitate surgical wound healing, and such is considered a temporary stoma. Whatever the type of stoma is, ostomy care services should be asked from home care facilities because the pouching system and the use of other equipment can somehow be overwhelming to you.

It is for this reason that Trust Home Care, Inc.’s goal is to assist client’s with stoma to become acquainted with their own ostomy in order that infection can be prevented, and the client can still participate in everyday life. Our pool of Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses will assist you in getting the necessary help when it comes to ostomy care, so you can live a high-quality of life.

Here at Trust Home Care, Inc., our ostomy care services often include:

  • Emptying and changing of pouching system when the need arise.
  • Measurement of the stoma size prior to inserting of a new pouch or device.
  • Necessary skin care so as to prevent irritation.
  • Health teaching with respect to self-care management of stoma.
  • Necessary modifications regarding proper diet and appropriate exercise in relation to stoma care.