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Trust Home Care, Inc. believes that assistance is necessary for clients when taking medicines in their home, such that those who are growing older will need to take an increased number of medicines so as to treat degenerative health conditions, to increase life expectancy, and in the end, to improve their quality of life.

Yet, how will you be so sure that you are taking the correct medicines, at the exact amount, at the right time? It is in this instance that Trust Home Care, Inc. medication services come to your rescue. We want to help our clients be treated better, because medicines when taken inappropriately can cause certain adverse effects. We will be sending home care staff to help in the administration of needed medications, and assist you through becoming independent in safe self administration of these medications.

Our medicines review at home program will help you manage the different medicines that you are taking in at home and that you get benefit through:

  • Review of all medications prescribed to you.
  • Checking if your medications are contained in appropriate storage.
  • Reminder on when is the due time to take your certain medications.
  • Monitoring of the medication efficacy.
  • Assessment of medication compliance.
  • Health teaching on the medications intended effects, management of side effects, and appropriate intervention for adverse reactions.
  • Coordination with physician and pharmacist in lieu of positive outcomes during the treatment course.
  • Monitoring for possible drug to drug interaction.