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Clean Intermittent Catheterization

Clean intermittent catheterization is a necessary procedure for those people who are suffering from inability to urinate the normal way. This means that there is a periodic insertion of a plastic tube inside of your urethra, so that accumulated urine from your bladder can easily pass through the tube and out of your body. This procedure has to be done at regular intervals and there is a schedule for when it is needed.

Trust Home Care, Inc. will send licensed staff to your home so that you are fully assisted in the catheterization process and you get ultimate comfort and convenience right at your very own home. We are ready to assist you whenever you have troubles in the insertion of the catheter inside of your body. It is important that you have a professional to be at your side all the time.

Here are the services you can get from us:

  • Assessment of urinary functions.
  • Provision of necessary equipment needed for intermittent catheterization.
  • Appropriate use of techniques to prevent infection.
  • Assistance to aid in safe catheterization.
  • Emptying of urine from the bladder.
  • Health teaching on the importance of intermittent catheterization and its rationale.
  • Achieving compliance of self catheterization as end goal.