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Bowel and Bladder Routine

If you have been experiencing incontinence, Trust Home Care, Inc. is here to assist you. You need to remember that incontinence is not a normal occurrence as you age, and it could be a symptom of a certain health condition which you are experiencing. That is why we are offering you assistance with bowel and bladder routine, so you can face this seemingly embarrassing situation and live a high-quality of life.

You can expect that the different interventions which we will be providing to you will depend on the assessment that is made, the medical history which is taken, and that of your underlying health conditions. The goal that we have in our program is for you to understand the different techniques and exercise which you can follow through easily, and that you incorporate all these things into your lifestyle so you can have a better control of the frequency of incontinence that you are experiencing.

Our bowel and bladder routine services include:

  • Monitoring of voiding schedules to check if a certain pattern is happening.
  • Toileting schedule.
  • Assistance in the use of the restroom.
  • Checking if there are possible medication interactions in relation to voiding pattern.
  • Different exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles.

Besides the elimination of the incontinence that you are experiencing, we will, likewise, be discussing with you and your family the mechanisms of how incontinence has happened to you, and determine mechanisms to fully overcome such. You can expect to be working with our team of health professionals such as registered nurses, therapist, and aides. The plans and programs will be customized personally for you such that treatment intervention will be focused on the behavioral, pharmacological, as well as that of the rehabilitative aspects of your incontinence.